(2012-02-29) 英文文學作品導讀(二) 第05講
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When I am Dead, My Dearest
by Christina Georgina Rossetti
When I am dead, my dearest,
Sing no sad songs for me;
Plant thou no roses at my head,
不要在我的墳頭上種玫瑰(thou = you, head = top of a grave)
Nor shady cypress tree:
也不要幫我種柏樹遮蔭(shady = situated in the shade, cypress = a type of evergreen tree)
Be the green grass above me
With showers and dewdrops wet;
讓雨露浸透(dew = tiny drops of moisture condensed on cool surfaces from water vapor in the air, condense = change from gas or vapor to liquid)
And if thou wilt, remember,
如果你願意懷念我,就懷念吧(wilt = will)
And if thou wilt, forget.
I shall not see the shadows,
I shall not feel the rain;
I shall not hear the nightingale
也聽不到夜鶯(nightingale = a small bird known for the beautiful way it sings at night)
Sing on, as if in pain:
不停的鳴唱著哀戚的歌曲(on = continuously, as if = like)
And dreaming through the twilight
睡夢中度過曙光和薄暮(twilight = faint light after sunset or before sunrise)
That doth not rise nor set,
就像沒有日出和日落(doth = does)
Haply I may remember,
可能我會記得你(haply = by chance)
And haply may forget.
The Eve of St Agnes (first verse)
by John Keats
St Agnes' Eve - Ah, bitter chill it was!
St Agnes' Eve - 喔,多麼冷的一夜!(bitter = chill = cold)
The owl, for all his feathers, was a-cold;
貓頭鷹的羽毛也擋不住這樣的嚴寒(for all = despite, a-cold = in such state of cold)
The hare limp'd trembling through the frozen grass,
野兔發抖著困難地走過凍結的草地上(hare = wild rabbit, limp = walk with difficulty because of an injured leg or foot, tremble = shake involuntarily)
And silent was the flock in woolly fold:
羊圈地如同羊毛一樣白,裡頭的羊沉默不說話(flock = group of sheep, woolly = like wool, fold =  area in a field surrounded by a fence or wall where sheep are kept for safety)
Numb were the Beadsman's fingers, while he told
神父的手指凍僵了,(numb = without the power to feel or move, beadsman = servant)
His rosary, and while his frosted breath,
他正在念經文,呼出來的氣息結成白霜(rosary = string of beads for keeping count of these prayers)
Like pious incense from a censer old,
就像舊香爐中虔誠的煙(pious = having or showing a deep devotion to religion, incense = somke, esp. used in religious ceremonies, censer = container in which incense is burnt in churches)
Seem'd taking flight for heaven, without a death,
Past the sweet Virgin's picture, while his prayer he saith.
在神父的禱告聲中,爐香經過甜美的聖母瑪利亞圖像(Virgin = Virgin Mary, saith = said)