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DeepMind Technologies
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DeepMind Technologies is a UK-based AI company. It was founded in 2010 by Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman, and was acquired by Google in 2014 for £400 million so it is now part of the Alphabet group. The company is well-known for developing AlphaGo, which became the first computer program to beat a professional Go player on a full-sized board in 2016.

DeepMind Technologies是一家總部位於英國的AI公司。它由Demis Hassabis,Shane Legg和Mustafa Suleyman於2010年創立,並於2014年以4億英鎊被谷歌收購,因此它現在是Alphabet集團的一部分。該公司以開發AlphaGo而聞名,AlphaGo成為2016年第一個在全尺寸主板上擊敗專業Go玩家的計算機程序。

The majority of DeepMind’s patents relate to the architectural details of neural networks, and to aspects of training a neural network. Their inventions therefore represent innovations that have a potentially far-reaching impact in a variety of fields. DeepMind have also pursued patents relating to some of these fields, examples of which are described below:

DeepMind的大多數專利涉及神經網絡的架構細節,以及訓練神經網絡的方面。因此,他們的發明代表了在各個領域具有潛在深遠影響的創新。 DeepMind還追求與這些領域相關的專利,其實例如下所述:

• WO 2018/048934 relates to the synthesis of audio data using a neural network, which could be used in text-to-speech systems.

·WO 2018/048934涉及使用神經網絡合成音頻數據,該神經網絡可用於文本到語音系統。

• WO 2018/081089 relates to a technique of performing language modelling tasks on text sequences using neural networks, and has applications towards machine translation, text summarisation, and speech recognition. In each of these application fields, an understanding of linguistic context enables more accurate outputs to be generated.

·WO 2018/081089涉及一種使用神經網絡對文本序列執行語言建模任務的技術,並且具有機器翻譯,文本摘要和語音識別的應用。在每個應用領域中,對語言環境的理解可以生成更準確的輸出。

• US 2014/0185959 relates to an image processing algorithm which identifies the texture or patterning of objects in an image (such as striped or spotted items of clothing), which has applications towards image classification.


• EP 3398114 relates to a method of image compression, where salient features are recognised using a neural network and then used to summarise the contents of the image.

·EP 3398114涉及一種圖像壓縮方法,其中使用神經網絡識別顯著特徵,然後用於概括圖像的內容。

DeepMind have typically applied for patents via the WIPO (PCT) route, indicating that they seek to commercialise their inventions in the global marketplace.