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The English Versions of感恩的心”

A. 中文歌詞譯版

I came to this world, tiny as dust;

Who knows my fragility?

Where did I come from, where will my heart rest?

Who cares about me the moment next?

Though the earth is wide, my life trials are hard;

I’ve witnessed all sufferings in this world.

How much love I still have? How many tears I have to shed?

I’ll tell the world: I won’t give up!

With a grateful heart, I give thanks to you

For standing by me, giving me courage to touch my dreams;

With a grateful heart, I embrace my fate.

I cherish my life, however hard it seems!



I came to this world, tiny as dust,

But not by coincidence!

What do I live for? Where to find my rest?

God, help me with my confidence!

Though life trials are tough, temptations many,

I have no fears facing each day.

With His great love, with His amazing grace,

Lord has shown me: He is the Way!

With a grateful heart give thanks to God,

All through my life, for His wonderful love!

With a grateful heart sing praises to God,

Quite joyfully, for His gracious love!


C. 感恩的心 - 歐陽菲菲唱